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roguescience.org is the personal webspace of Justin Love. Justin Love is a multimedia artist based in Victoria, BC, Canada. Recent projects include: Love&Olson (live visual performance), Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable Redux (large-scale collaborative multimedia performance) and Grand Theft Bicycle (video game art).

Justin's work has been featured at a number of International events including Collisions Interarts Symposium (Canada, 2006), International Conference on Music Information Retrieval (Canada, 2006), Digital Arts Week (Switzerland, 2007; China, 2010), and Computational Aesthetics (Canada, 2009) as well as in galleries and artist run centers such as Open Space (Canada, 2006), Galeria AP Facultad de Artes Plasticas (Mexico, 2007), Stride (Canada, 2009), Xian Academy of Fine Arts (China, 2010) and The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (Canada, 2010).